The patio in the newly built housing development Zürich West eradiates a strange atmosphere of calmness and lifelessness.
During the investigations about this area (former Steinfels) an invitation to a gaming night was found on the internet. This invitation came from the former ‘Icecream-garden’ (squat), which had been at exactly this spot. 
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A new gaming night was organized. For fifteen minutes on a summernight, the atmosphere on the patio changed:

At exactly 19.30 the patio was packed very suddenly with 50 people between the ages pf 0 and 100.
Passionately they played their favorite games at speed time.
After exactly 15 minutes everything was stopped and left as it was.
The patio returned to its known silence.
Only the leftover gaming devices remind of the former situation, like outlines of the eyes’ iris.
Action for neighbours

Patio of housing development in Zürich West
Galery art one, Zürich
11 May 2006
In cooperation with Aurèle Ferrier
With: Antje, Irmgard, Ronnie, Natascha, Tschuki, Roman, Pipo, Elisabeth, Vici, Ursina, Barbara, Benji, Gabriela, Sa, Timo, Tobi, Simone, Sabine, Raffi, Mia, Gina, Alba, Tanja, Demian, Marine, Debbie, Corsin, Domi, Madelaineand other friends.
Photos: Bruno Augsburger
Camera: Andreas Müller